Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tengo grandes planes para el 2011: Agosto

August was filled with Fun Runs. Which leads me to ask: why are they called fun runs? Most of the time, I don't find them to be very fun. The fun bit involves finishing and then treating oneself to a killer post-run big breakfast.

As a result of getting up at stupid 'o' clock on August weekends and spending most of my free time in running gear, I took 0 photos on my camera machine. Thus, all photos for this August installment were taken on my iPhoney. What did we do before camera phones?

The 3rd of August dawned with this photo taken from my kitchen window....
and ended with this photo taken at the Bay Run which has become a weekly Wednesday ritual with my partner-in-crime....

Being told to "Put yo' hands in the air" for the millionth time at Big Boi. And because no matter what era, green tracksuits are hot.

Example of aforementioned post-run big breakfast.

Benefits of taking a Thai cooking class with The Man? See above.

Early one Friday morning as I strolled towards the gym, I came across the sad demise of Kermit. Bad things happen to good frogs.

Whoever thought a fun run beginning with a sand run was a good idea, was sadly misguided. A beautiful day for it though!

Tengo grandes planes para el 2011: Julio

How to escape the dreariness of winter? Escape to Phuket.