Friday, March 6, 2009

Welcome to my Shenanigans!

One for each year of my existence

1) I have attempted to go sky-diving on no less than four occasions- and the jumps were cancelled each time due to bad weather. Is this a sign from the Gods? No jumping out of perfectly good planes for me!
2) When I was about four, I thought it would be a great honour to retrieve the mail from our letter box. Said letterbox was set amongst rose bushes. My poorly developed toddler balancing skills led to me toppling into the rose bushes. Mission failed. Could explain why to this day I don’t like receiving roses.
3) I was named after the main character in the Australian novel “Ride on Stranger” by Kylie Tennant. My mum liked the headstrong, stubborn nature of this character- but did not seem to appreciate it when I asserted these same traits in my teenage years…
4) I spent my 22nd birthday at a Balsamic Vinegar farm. I spent my 21st year living in Modena, Italy home town of Ferrari, Pavarotti and Balsamic Vinegar. Aged Balsamico tastes amazing on vanilla gelato!
5) I have a bad habit of poking my tongue out when photos are being taken.
6) I really, really dislike runny egg yolks.
7) I secretly harbor a desire to star in a Bollywood movie. Not so secret now.
8) The weirdest accommodation I have ever experienced whilst travelling was after hiking up Huang Shan Mountain in China. The only place with availabilities was a hotel that let us convert their beauty salon (in the hotel’s basement) into a makeshift room.
9) My best New Years’ Eve EVER was spent in a snow-dappled Prague.
10) My best New Years’ Day EVER was spent at Disneyland, Tokyo. It really was the happiest place on Earth!
11) My muscles have never ached more than after doing a day of ice-climbing at Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand.
12) My initials are SEW. I however cannot sew very well.
13) I once fainted on a horse in a volcanic crater in Hawaii.
14) I think witchetty grubs taste like peanut butter and green ants like lemon.
15) I really, really love stationery. No joke. Pens, paper, paperclips- you name it, I love it.
16) I can’t converse 1-on-1 with my paternal grandmother as we don’t have a common first language. I speak English, Italian and a smattering of French, but no Cantonese. We’re really good at hand gestures together though!
17) I cry in tv shows, movies and reality tv shows where there is a hint of raw emotion. Guaranteed.
18) I have a kitten who was dumped by some evil human. She came to us with sunburnt ears, cat flu, starving and skinny. We hand fed her back to good health. She has blue eyes and is called Frankie in honour of Mr Sinatra. She thinks she is a dog.
19) I have dog called Oscar who thinks he is human. He has one floppy ear and a non-floppy ear. This makes him look permanently quizzical.
20) Growing up, I wanted to be an Olympic swimmer. These days, I want to begin competitive ocean swimming but increased shark sightings around Sydney are deterring me!!
21) If I could have any superhero power, it would be to read peoples’ minds.
22) My favourite gelati combo is Tiramisu and Strawberry.
23) If I could pack my bags tomorrow and jump on a plane, I would go to Bhutan.
24) If an asteroid was heading to Earth and I only had one meal left, it would involve mushrooms.
25) I wish I had perfect eye sight. Contact lenses are the bane of my existence. (Okay, maybe that’s a bit melodramatic!!)
26) I used to play French Horn in my high school orchestra. I actually wanted to play the flute, but according to the music teacher there were “no flutes left.” So I got lumped with a French Horn.
27) My iPod has 4752 songs on it, but it never seems to have the particular song on it that I feel like listening to at a particular time!

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