Thursday, January 21, 2010

The popping of the question.

Once upon a time, a boy who loved to travel met a girl with similarly itchy feet.

After 18 months together they decided to plan their first overseas trip together. Destination? Japan.

So many places to visit, not enough time! Girl Traveller was a bit perplexed when Boy Traveller became obsessed with staying at Mount Fuji. With some military-style planning, they managed to squeeze an overnight stay at Fuji-San as their second last destination.

Before arriving at Fuji, they snowboarded, ogled Snow Monkeys, giggled at sumo westlers and ate their way across the Japanese landscape. All the while, Boy Traveller carried a super-special ring box in his backpack. (Girl Traveller often fossicked through said backpack searching for change/pens/passports but somehow never stumbled across this little package of awesomeness in 3 weeks of travel.)

Nearing the end of their trip, the travelling duo wearily stumbled into the township closest to Fuji. Girl Traveller had noticed that Boy Traveller had been very lovey-dovey on this particular day, but dismissed his behaviour as him just being his usual goofy self.

After checking into their hotel and feasting on another fantastic Japanese meal, Boy Traveller suggested a "walk" around the lake.

Being in an isolated part of town in the tourist low season, there was no-one around and with very few street lights around the area was pitch black. You could only hear the sounds of the lake lapping the shore.

Boy Traveller suggested sitting on the shore of the lake. Girl Traveller, who doesn't usually act like a princess, announced that it felt like a scene in a horror movie, and under no circumstances would be heading to a dark, unlit lake shore. Quick-thinking Boy Traveller found a more suitable spot. And sitting in the crisp mountain air listening to the night sounds, Boy Traveller popped the question. Girl Traveller said yes, amidst tears and guilt for being such a lake-shore-hating princess.

And they lived happily ever after. (And are in the middle of planning their wedding for 10/10/10. With a few Japanese influences! And are super excited about planning a honeymoon..... Destination? South America.....)

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