Friday, January 29, 2010

Musical Tour del Mondo II

So the first Musical Tour post made me think about some of the cool musical experiences I've had whilst travelling... so drumroll please and in no particular order....

Ah- the Prodigal Son. Once upon a time, I lived in Modena, aka the Hometown of Ferrari, Balsamic Vinegar and Luciano Pavarotti. Each year, Pavarotti would stage a charity concert and invite some 'friends.' The year we went, Pavarotti was joined on stage by Lionel Ritchie, Ricky Martin and Deep Purple (just to name a few!) Random collection of musicians? Yes. Memorable? Definitely.

Wandering the cobble-stoned streets of this beautiful Croatian island, I stumbled across an empty restaurant with a lovely waitress out the front offering honeyed figs (sounds a bit biblical, no?!) Being enticed into the courtyard, an accordian player started playing. Upon finding out about my Australianess, he launched into a version of Waltzing Matilda. He then requested I scribe the lyrics down onto a napkin. Turns out he spent his teenage years in Australia. Attending my school's brother high school. Small world!

Touts try and entice you into their karaoke studio. We decided we liked the look of one particular tout, so he led us up a darkened stairwell. Once we had fixed up the financial side of things, we were shown to our suite. You get a song book to thumb through.... which happens to be the size of a phone book.

And then the fun begins....

The best part of it all is that each suite has it's own telephone to the front desk so you can phone your drink orders through. Genius!

Interested to hear about your favourite musical traveling moments....

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