Friday, January 21, 2011


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The brief? Develop a list of 30 things to be completed before my 30th birthday.
The deadline? December 11th, 2011.
The objective? Hit the big 3-0 in grand style. Or die tryin'... yep 50 Cent- I'm lookin' atchu. But seriously Fitty, I like your "Give it everything you got" attitude. For my 29th year, I'm going to channel my inner 50 Cent and try things I've always wanted to do or simply do things I've been meaning to do for my entire 20s. Incidentally, getting rich isn't on the list but hey, I won't be complaining if it magically eventuates during the lead-up to my 30th.

#1 Write a screenplay so that The Man can turn it into an award-winning film.
#2 Start Hapkido so I can learn to do this.
#3 Complete a 2km ocean swim. This may require training as opposed to my current ocean swim regime which consists of turning up.
#4 Make pasta like a nonna would. From scratch.
#5 Have an alcohol-free month. Dry July, anyone?
#6 Complete the Blackmores 9km run. Without stopping. Or walking.
#7 Learn to roll sushi.
#8 Eat a piece of fruit every day at recess with my class. Apparently parents don't believe in fruit in lunchboxes at my school. I'm hoping to make fruit cool.
#9 Start a school choir with my partners in crime. We imagine it will be like this but it could end up like this.....
#10 Have a creative classroom. Yep- English and Maths are important. But so is music. And art.
#11 Start a herb garden. And don't kill it.
#12 Banish plastic in my life. Say no to plastic bags and plastic water bottles.
#13 Bake some bread. From scratch.
#14 Figure out my new camera and keep a photo journal.
#15 Learn Spanish. (no- "Hasta la vista, baby" and "una cerveza, por favor" does not constitute knowledge of the Spanish language.)
#16 Watch every film that has won the Oscar for Best Movie since my birth year. N.B I will not watch Titanic again.
#17 Start a daily journal, jotting down awesome moments.
#18 Do some ballet lessons.
#19 Read 10 books from the BBC Top 100 list. (Because I love lists.)
#20 Listen to 10 musicians from 10 random countries.
#21 Visit 3 museums/galleries in Sydney I have never been to.
#22 Sing in the shower. But maybe not when at the gym.
#23 Go on dates. With my mum. Dad can come aswell if he wants.
#24 Support microfinancing and fund an entrepeneur through Kiva.
#25 Write my husband love letters. And it doesn't matter if he doesn't write back.
#26 Plan a kick ass 1st wedding anniversary.
#27 Every Sunday, blog something for my little sis who is moving to London.
#28 Try and not complain for a week.
#29 Write a letter to be opened by my 40 year old self. Put it somewhere safe. (Note to self- Don't forget where this safe spot is.)
#30 Plan a trip to South America.

So there it is- 30x30. And now it is in the blogosphere, I have publicly declared that I am going to complete this list. When this happens, I'm pretty sure I'll be as happy as a rainbow-spewing panda. Boo-ya.
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  1. These are great. I was trying to pick out a few to comment about, but kept going "oh wait! this one is killer too! no this one is! no this one!" you can imagine how confused my brain is right now with me talking to myself and writing at the same time.

    i'll just pick one for now and say - i love #29.