Monday, January 24, 2011

Lessons in Sunscreen & Relationships

Due to the maniacal, unpredictable Sydney summer weather of late, I have spent most of the month carrying an umbrella in my handbag. Who carries an umbrella during the height of (a supposed) summer? It has been a wet summer thus far.

Summer arrived with a vengeance on the weekend. The Man and I spent a weekend that can only be described as G-LORIOUS at the beach. During our lazing about on the beach, I was reprimanded (repeatedly) for my sunscreen technique. According to The Man, I squeeze the suncream out from the top of the tube. This annoys him, as he then has to work TWICE AS HARD to squeeze the cream from the bottom of the tube to make up for the vacuum I have created within the tube. After being reprimanded for the 33rd time, the following convo took place....

Him: ARGH! You are such a girl.
Me: I'm pretty sure that's what you were after in the first place.
Him: Yeah- I like the girl parts but you need to think like a boy.

And with that comment, I'm pretty sure we just solved the Male/Female Relationship Conundrum.

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