Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tengo grandes planes para el 2011: Febrero

February began with heatwaves, Year of the Rabbit festivities and combined birthday/farewell festivities for my sister.

It ended with 80s themed 30th celebrations for The Man, replete with pinballs, teased hair and the prospect of impending adulthood (read: doom.)

It was also a month in which I attempted to go alcohol-free for the month's entirety. And failed. Which leaves #5 on the 30x30 list still unfulfilled.

I always find the end of February slightly melancholic. Goodbye summer. Hello reality.

Working my way towards #3 on the 30x30 list- Complete a 2km ocean swim. On this particular morning, I was happy to just do 1km. That's enough, thankyouverymuch.

A weekend away in your own city is a most novel thing.

The many artistic possibilities of a witches' hat.

This cake is not a testament to my cake-making abilities. It is a testament to how I manage to come up with alternative ways to fix things when I don't think things through properly. Martha Stewart would not approve.

Sometimes the thought of an impending winter makes me want to curl up and hibernate. Then I just suck it up and leave the curling up to my cat.

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