Saturday, July 16, 2011

#7: Learn to roll sushi

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I work at a school that could pass for a mini version of the United Nations. Lunchtime is a gastronomic phenomenon. A Vegemite sandwich just no longer cuts it. I get particular lunch-box envy when I nosily peek into the lunchboxes of my students who are of a Korean background. It ain't about Keeping Up With the Jones' anymore. It's about keeping up with the Kims/Parks/Lees.

These kids get beautifully packaged meals filled with delicate, handmade morsels. I must have expressed my lunchbox envy quite noisily on a number of occasions, because I now often get boxes of handmade sushi/rice rolls/ kim chi sent in for me by some of my Korean families.

I always figured this sushi-rolling business was quite complicated. But hey, if Mrs Kim can just whip out some beautifully executed sushi on a weeknight to be put in little Johnny's lunchbox- it can't be that hard. Right?

Before the seeds of my lunchbox envy had been planted, I had actually resolved to learn to roll sushi. #7 on The List.

Luckily for me, I have a friend who is all kindsa awesome who also happens to be a very capable sushi-roller. So one Saturday evening, we had a sushi party. Ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out, Korean mums of the world. I too can roll sushi.

Excuse the ginormous, monster hands. All the better to roll sushi with.

Put that in your lunchbox.

And we devoured our sushi as we watched the Oscar-winning Best Film of 1982, Gandhi (#16 on The List: Watch every film that has won the Oscar for Best Movie since my birth year.) I hear you ask, "What's that sound?"
It's the sound of my 30x30 list being smashed to smithereens.

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