Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tengo grandes planes para el 2011: Marzo

The long march away from summer continues. And so we keep plodding....

The highlight of March was a bit of boogying and booty-shaking at a Mark Ronson gig. Here is a photographic tribute to his Bike Song.

*sings enthusiastically and maybe a little out of tune*
My mother tells me I should stop go and get a real job
That can’t be the way that I roll
And everybody’s growing up, having kids and paying rent
And I’m getting count of it all
I’m gonna ride my bike until I get home

We partook in some fine meals this month. Exhibit A.

I'm not sure if it's Porteno's carnivorous menu that attracts patrons or the amazing Rockabilly style of it's waitstaff. According to our ridiculously trendy waiter, people come specifically to Porteno for it's brussel sprouts. Who the hell leaves home for brussel sprouts?! Intrigued, we ordered said sprouts. And I was pleasantly surprised. I remember being made to eat them as a kid and feeling disgusted at the mini-cabbage being squelched in my mouth. I wouldn't say I'm now a brussel sprouts convert, but I may revise my childhood assessment of them.....

Porteno even has a ridiculously cool business card. STOP IT ALREADY, WOULD YOU?!

There was an election....

Out to dinner with the parentals. And they colour-coordinate. Too cute.

April brings excessive chocolate consumption, holidays and further conquering of The List.


  1. I love Porteno! The brussel sprouts were a surprise hit, good mix of texture and subtle flavour. The sprouts were not as bitter as they use to taste as a kid.

  2. I like anything drowned in garlic, so they were very edible! I agree about the texture- I like how they were crunchy then squishy.