Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The State of the Nation. (a.k.a- Remember That List?)

Amazing public art installation involving a list.

Aaaah, that list. 30 things to do before I turn 30. The issue with making this quest public is that people ask me how the list "is going." "It's going" I reply. But is it, really? Is it?!
Yesterday marked 8 months until the deadline.
So how is it going?

#1 Write a screenplay so that The Man can turn it into an award-winning film.

RE: #1 This one I find a bit scary. Primarily because I have no screenplay-writing skills. That's right- zilch, nada, nothing. That's not much of a challenge. Right?

#2 Start Hapkido so I can learn to do this.

RE: #2 This one I am leaving until winter. When I have a lot of pent-up anger about the absence of summer.

#3 Complete a 2km ocean swim. This may require training as opposed to my current ocean swim regime which consists of turning up.

RE: # 3 Scheduled for completion in November.

#4 Make pasta like a nonna would. From scratch. DONE! Pictorial evidence coming soon.
#5 Have an alcohol-free month. Dry July, anyone? DONE!
#6 Complete the Blackmores 9km run. Without stopping. Or walking.

RE: #6 Scheduled for September 18th.

#7 Learn to roll sushi.
#8 Eat a piece of fruit every day at recess with my class. Apparently parents don't believe in fruit in lunchboxes at my school. I'm hoping to make fruit cool.

RE: #8 Working on it.

#9 Start a school choir with my partners in crime. We imagine it will be like this but it could end up like this.....
#10 Have a creative classroom. Yep- English and Maths are important. But so is music. And art.
#11 Start a herb garden. And don't kill it.
#12 Banish plastic in my life. Say no to plastic bags and plastic water bottles.

RE: #12 Trying, but this one can be hard. WORK IN PROGRESS

#13 Bake some bread. From scratch.
#14 Figure out my new camera and keep a photo journal.


#15 Learn Spanish. (no- "Hasta la vista, baby" and "una cerveza, por favor" does not constitute knowledge of the Spanish language.)


#16 Watch every film that has won the Oscar for Best Movie since my birth year. N.B I will not watch Titanic again.
#17 Start a daily journal, jotting down awesome moments.

RE: # 17 I'm replacing this one. The new, improved #17 is: To start a blog about cooking. Stay tuned!

#18 Do some ballet lessons.
#19 Read 10 books from the BBC Top 100 list. (Because I love lists.)
#20 Listen to 10 musicians from 10 random countries.

RE: #20 South Africa and Chile down. WORK IN PROGRESS.

#21 Visit 3 museums/galleries in Sydney I have never been to.
#22 Sing in the shower. But maybe not when at the gym.

Struggling with this one. I keep forgetting the lyrics to songs.

#23 Go on dates. With my mum. Dad can come aswell if he wants.
#24 Support microfinancing and fund an entrepeneur through Kiva.
#25 Write my husband love letters. And it doesn't matter if he doesn't write back.
#26 Plan a kick ass 1st wedding anniversary.
#27 Every Sunday, blog something for my little sis who is moving to London.

RE: #27 And then we discovered Path..... which is kind of a more improved version of this item.

#28 Try and not complain for a week.

RE: #28 I would like to complain about this item. a) I'm not sure if I could successfully complete it. b) What purpose would it serve to not complain for a week? Therefore this item is being replaced with- Take a Thai cooking class. In Thailand.

#29 Write a letter to be opened by my 40 year old self. Put it somewhere safe. (Note to self- Don't forget where this safe spot is.)
#30 Plan a trip to South America.

Where to from here? Well, I'm now off to bake some bread (#13) whilst listening to some music from a random country (#20). Whilst the bread is in the oven I might plant a herb garden (#11), read a book from the BBC's Top 100 list (#19) and then relax with an Oscar-winning movie (#16).

Go on- ask me how my list is going now!

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